Wednesdays are more fun if you're playing at the Manor
Winter League 2018/19

Senior Matchplay Winter Trophy
Rules of Competition

1 . The competition shall be played over all Eighteen holes of the Manor of Groves Golf course.

2 . The competition shall comprise of an individual qualifying league and the four top scoring players will compete in a semi and final matchplay competition to determine the winner of the ‘Tony Field Trophy'. The pairs in the semi finals being made up of the highest scoring league player and fourth placed player and the second placed player and the third placed. (i.e. 1st vs. 4th against 2nd vs. 3rd). Ties will be decided on a countback of qualifying scores commencing at the last and continuing backwards up to the first, if a tie still exists then those players will toss a coin to determine the tie. The final be determined between the winners of the 2 semi-finals.

3 . The competition shall commence with a qualifying league of 5 rounds with the best 4 rounds used in calculating the player's position in the table. Should any rounds be cancelled through weather or other difficulties the qualifying rounds will be reduced accordingly, see details below.

4 . All rounds to be played on Wednesday mornings commencing on November 7th 2018 and on subsequent Wednesdays as shown below.

5 . Each of the qualifying league rounds shall be played using the Stableford format.

6 . In case of the qualifying rounds the playing handicaps used shall be the full LOCAL HANDICAP. In the Semi&Final, the players with the highest handcaps will receive strokes equal to FULL difference between their own local handicap and local handicap of the lowest handicap player, strokes to be taken according to the stroke index of each hole. In the case of a draw resulting after 18 holes play will continue from the 1st hole and continue until one player wins a hole.

7 . Registration for the competition is automatic for all paid up senior section members

8 . All matches will be played in accordance with the R. & A. Rules and any local rules in force at the time of play. Once the result of each round has been posted the result will stand. Any disputes will be adjudicated by the Seniors Secretary in consultation with the Seniors Captain and must be finalised before the posting of the result. The decision of this panel will be final.
The formula for counting qualifying rounds, if any are curtailed, will be as follows:-

5 rounds played 4 will be used 
4 rounds played 3 “ “ “
3 rounds played 3 “ “ “
2 rounds played 2 “ “ “
1 round played 1 “ “ “

2018 - November 7th , December 19th

2019 - January 9th, February 20th, March 20th